Off the Bee’tn Path is a fledgling business that specializes in organic garlic and honey sales. It is located 20 minutes south-east of Sudbury, Ontario, in a secluded, natural environment that provides excellent foraging for honey bees. Off the Bee’tn Path is surrounded by a vast array of plants and wildflowers from which the bees draw an abundance of pollen and nectar for the production of honey.

A half-acre of gardens produce a variety of organic garlic. Varieties currently available include: MusicHungarian, Newfoundland, Yugoslavian jumbo, French Pink, Irtusk, German Mennonite, Siberian, and Off the Bee’tn Path. 

Killarney Red is being cultivated for sale next year.

Both honey and garlic are available for sale now. Query via the Contact page.