GARLIC – Sold out for this season!

A half-acre of gardens produce organic garlic, with a wide variety including  Newfoundland, Yugoslavia, Irtusk, Off the Bee’tn Path, French Pink and Music. Additionally, we now have a very tasty soft-neck variety: Transylvanian. All garlic is priced by bulb size. See pricing page for details.

Other garlic planned for 2024 is German Mennonite and Siberian. 

All garlic is SOLD OUT! Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. 

TYPES OF GARLIC   – Available for 2023

MUSICWhite skin with pink blush – medium heat. Often a favourite, well-recognized variety of garlic. 




GERMAN MENNONITEPorcelain variety – medium, robust flavour. Not available for the 2023 season. We are planting more this fall in order to have a larger offering for the 2024 season. 


YUGOSLAVIANThe name may be a misnomer as its sizes vary from small to large. White skin with purple blush – medium heat.


 IRTUSKPurple-stripe garlic with a medium to strong heat. Flavourful and robust. 


OFF THE BEE’TN PATHThis variety is a result of poor record management last fall. Therefore, it has now fallen in the “D” category, which is any of the hardneck varieties.


 NEWFOUNDLANDNot sure how this white porcelain got its name, but it has a medium, flavourful strength. 



French Pink – This variety has returned and is proving to be a pleasant, moderate-tasting garlic. It offers any dish just the right balance of garlic flavour. 





Large softneck type with creamy white skin dappled with traces of crimson-red. The taste is smooth and buttery at first but slowly finishes with some spice. Introduced to America in the 1990s by Chester Aaron, a garlic aficionado and author. The original stock came from a farmers market in the mountains of Transylvania in Romania. The bulbs have about 10 cloves each. Stores well, up to 8-10 months.