A half-acre of gardens produce organic garlic, with a wide variety in 2018 including Hungarian, Newfoundland, Yugoslavian Jumbo, French Pink, Irtusk, German Mennonite, Siberian and Off the Bee’tn Path. Killarney Red will be available next yearAll garlic is priced by bulb size. See pricing page for details.


MUSIC – White skin with pink blush – medium heat. Often a favourite, well-recognized variety of garlic.



SIBERIAN – High in allicin (the compound responsible for garlic’s antibiotic effect). Medium to strong flavour. Light pink-coloured skin.



   GERMAN MENNONITE – Porcelain variety – medium, robust flavour.



JUMBO YUGOSLAVIAN – The name may be a misnomer as its sizes vary from small to large. White skin with purple blush – medium heat.


White skin with slight pinkish hue. It is a milder, calmer tasting garlic.


HUNGARIAN – Medium heat with pleasant flavour.



 IRTUSK – Purple-stripe garlic with a medium to strong heat. Flavourful and robust.



 NEWFOUNDLAND – Not sure how this white porcelain got its name, but it has a medium, flavourful strength.



OFF THE BEE’TN PATH – This variety is a result of poor record management last fall. Therefore, it has now fallen in the “D” category, which is any of the above.




NEW NEXT YEAR – Killarney Red – a purple stripe variety