Garlic pricing – 2022-23

Garlic sold is based on the size of the bulb’s diameter. A “grading” board based on the measurements below was used to determine the size of the garlic bulb.

The garlic is curing and will be ready in a couple of weeks. To pre-order, please send an email to: 

GARLIC PRICING for 2022-23 

Since everything else has increased in price, Off the Bee’tn Path has decided to keep its pricing the same as last year. Please see below. 

Pricing:          Small               $2.00 ea OR 3 for $5.00

                        Medium           $2.50 ea

                        Large                $3.00 ea

                        X-large             $3.50 ea



$5.00  for three small garlic bulbs – any variety