Honey pricing

This year we have had to increase some of our prices due to the rising cost of living. Your understanding and continued support is appreciated. 

Honey pricing & availability is as follows:

1. 500g jar of liquid honey     $12.00

2.  250g hexagon jar of liquid honey      $ 6.00
3.  500g plastic container of creamed honey      $12.00

We have new flavours in our creamed honey flavour family!

  • Garlic/hot pepper honey 
  • Garlic honey
  • Hot pepper honey
  • Ginger honey

200g jars   $7.00 ea

They are great for placing on just about anything, but try the garlic and hot-pepper flavours on BBQ chicken/wings or pork! It will be a taste sensation!

Please order through the CONTACT US page.

Thank you for your continued support!